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Ralph Hudgens was elected as Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner in 2010 and re-elected to a second term in November 2014. In addition to being Insurance Commissioner, Hudgens is also the Safety Fire Commissioner and Industrial Loan Commissioner. His duties include regulating approximately 1,600 insurance companies, licensing 137,000 insurance agents, and regulating over 1,000 industrial loan offices. As Safety Fire Commissioner, Hudgens appoints the State Fire Marshal, oversees the state arson unit, regulates explosive and hazardous materials, and is responsible for the inspection of public buildings for compliance with the state fire code.

Commissioner Hudgens is a businessman, who for nearly two decades, worked for Shell Chemical Company, a division of Shell Oil, in sales and management. Today, he owns and operates several successful businesses, and understands first-hand how insurance premiums impact companies of all sizes. Hudgens’ public service began with an appointment in the US Department of Agriculture by President Bush. He went on to be elected to the Georgia House and then the Georgia Senate, serving fourteen years until his election as Insurance Commissioner.

Because of his service as Chairman of the Insurance Committee, Vice-Chairman of both the Ag Committee and Banking Committees, Hudgens is one of the state's foremost experts on insurance, business regulation, and consumer issues. A loyal Republican, he has served as a GOP delegate at the local, state, and federal level. He is committed to the party platform of lower taxes, less government, and strong family values. He is 100 percent pro-life and a champion of various pro-family causes.

Ralph and his wife, Suzanne, live in Athens, Georgia and they have four married children and twelve grandchildren. He and Suzanne are active members of Winterville First Baptist Church.

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