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Workers Compensation Rates

This page will allow you to view different rates filed by each of the insurance companies that offer workers compensation in Georgia. Workers Compensation rates are filed by class and job description. Then the rate per $100 is multiplied by your payroll and is subject to a minimum premium for the policy.

For example:

Step 1: Choose the type of business you are in: for example, Class 0005 (Farm Nursery Employers)
Step 2: Take your Annual Payroll and divide it by 100: example ($200,000/100)
Step 3: Choose a company and get their rate: 6.29
Step 4: Calculate your Annual Premium: ($200,000/100) * 6.29=$12,580.

Most companies will display a minimum premium which is the minimum amount they will charge to issue a policy when the premium developed is less than the amount.

Please select a class description from the pull-down list below:

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