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State Tax Electronic Fund Transfers




The State of Georgia accepts electronic transfer of funds for state taxes. This method of payment is available to all insurers licensed in the State of Georgia. The following information is necessary if your company would like to use this method of payment for state taxes:

Acceptable Methods of PaymentPayment should be made to
1. Domestic Wire Transfers Wells Fargo
Please call the Premium Tax Division for Account and Routing Information at: 404-656-7553
2. ACH Payments CCD+
CTX (State Premium Tax Account)
ANSI ASC X 12 820
ANSI ASC X 12 823
ANSI ASC X 12 835

Please note, the account number for State Tax transfers is different than the account number used for the County/Municipal Tax transfers. Please call the Premium Tax Division for Account and Routing Information at: 404-656-7553

Funds transferred electronically must be available to the Office of Commissioner of Insurance on or before the applicable due date or penalty and interest charges will be assessed in accordance with O.C.G.A. ยง 33-8-6(d). Additionally, the Annual Premium Tax Return and Statements of Quarterly Premium Tax must be filed with the Office of Commissioner of Insurance regardless of which method of payment your company chooses to utilize.

If your company uses a single electronic transfer to remit payment for a group of companies, you must provide a listing of all individual companies represented by such payment. This listing should include a detailed breakdown of the amount of tax paid for each respective company.

If you have any questions, please contact the Premium Tax Unit of the Georgia Insurance Department at (404) 656-7553 or
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