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Details of Mandatory Electronic Filing for
All Foreign Annual Insurance Company Renewal Filings and Associated Fees
on or after February 1, 2010

All FOREIGN Insurers must submit annual renewal filings electronically in “PDF” format via the “Company Portal” and pay the $700 renewal fee electronically.  See the Commissioner’s Directive 09-RS-1.  Each Insurer already has one or more individuals that have been designated as the “Company Portal” account manager(s).  To search for your “Company Portal” account manager(s) go to the “Company Portal” link located within the “Insurers Home” section of the Department’s Home Page ( and follow the instructions. Your  account manager will need to give you rights to the "Company Annual Renewal" application within the "Company Portal".

 The renewal package is available thru the “Company Portal” or within the “Insurers Home” section of the Department’s website (more specifically, the “Insurer Renewal Instructions and Forms” area). 

Once you print the appropriate file of renewal documents, complete all documents within that single file including all necessary signatures, notarizations and attachment(s).  Once all the renewal documents are completed, scan all documents into a single “PDF” file and upload the file in the “Company Annual Renewal” section of the “Company Portal”.

Payment of renewal fee is a bank to bank transaction accomplished thru an electronic funds transfer outside of the “Company Portal”.  The Department’s banking information for the electronic funds transfer is confidential.  To have access to the Department’s banking information, each company will submit via “Company Portal” an “Official EFT Request” by February 1, 2010.  Instructions for the “Official EFT Request” can be found within the “Company Portal” in the “Go to: Official EFT Request” web page.  Instructions will direct you to a form that you need to fill out, scan in a "PDF" format and upload the scanned file to the "Official EFT Request" section of the "Company Portal".  We will review your request and notify you of the results of the review.

Finally, once authorized to use the Department’s banking information and payment of renewal fees have occurred, the scanned “PDF” file of the funds transfer confirmation is required to be uploaded thru the “Company Portal” for proof of payment.  Paper filings will not be accepted.

Any questions concerning this change can be made to our support staff at (404) 657-9205.

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