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Limited-Risk Entities Division
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Suite 707, West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Telephone – 404-232-1489
Toll Free: 800-656-2298
Between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM

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Limited Risk Entities


Rental Preferred Provider Networks must register with the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire within 30 days of commencing business. The GID-240-NT and the GID-276-EN should be completed and emailed to


The Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioners office also regulates a large number of entities that are considered non-risk bearing. These companies include, but are not limited to: Third Party Administrators, Life Settlement Providers, Premium Finance Companies, Prepaid Legal Services Sponsors, Risk Retention and Purchasing Companies, Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Vehicle Protection Warrantors.

These entities, while they fall outside the traditional insurance company framework, may be similarly licensed and regulated by the Limited-Risk Entities Division.  Limited-risk companies represent a growing and constantly evolving community of niche market insurance entities that require continual regulatory oversight by the Department.

For any questions or concerns you may have regarding limited-risk entities, please feel free to contact us at 404-232-1489 or by email at

If you are submitting documents that include payments, please send the submissions to one of the following addresses:

Georgia Insurance Department
ATTN: Limited-Risk Entities Division
P.O. Box 935138
Atlanta, Georgia 31193-5138
Wells Fargo 
Georgia Insurance Department
ATTN: Limited-Risk Entities Division
Lockbox # 935138
3585 Atlanta Ave
Hapeville, Georgia 30354

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