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Various Safety Fire Reports

All reports are in the Adobe Acrobat document format.
Georgia Fire Service Annual Report - 2010-2014

Georgia Fire Service Annual Report - 2010-2014

... This is the fifth year the state Fire Marshal's Office has published this annual five year Fire Service Report reflecting information provided by the Georgia Fire Service. From 2010-2014, 340 fire departments reported over 4 million fire and non-fire calls. In listening to the Georgia fire services concerns for access to a more user friendly system, my office has committed to carrying out its objectives of the fire service's strategic plan to increase reporting. Based upon your responses to our approach, we are projecting a large increase in reporting with the implementation of the new ImageTrend system. I deeply appreciate the commitment of the fire departments that have participated by providing this information.
Disaster & Incident Response Framework - 2013

Disaster & Incident Response Framework - 2013

Since the Katrina/Rita/Sandy hurricanes and the Indian Ocean/Japan tsunami disasters, the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs has accelerated support for efforts by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the U.S. Fire Administration to assure that a far better job of organizing and deploying resources to address disasters is accomplished. The original work of the National Mutual Aid System Task Force and the advent of the IAFC Intrastate Mutual Aid System (IMUS) have led to the development of far better planning on the part of state agencies and state associations devoted to efficiency and effectiveness in responding to and mitigating the effects of disasters.
Severe Weather Response Guide - 2013

Severe Weather Response Guide - 2013

Fire Departments in Georgia serve a vital role during a severe weather emergency by providing the equipment, skills, and manpower necessary to help return the community to normal conditions. Georgia is vulnerable to numerous severe weather hazards including floods, hurricanes, ice storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. Severe weather incidents can block roads, create medical emergencies, disrupt utilities, and release hazardous materials into the environment. These incidents can occur with little warning and may affect a large geographic area causing public safety agencies to become overwhelmed
Swift Water Response Guide - 2013

Swift Water Response Guide - 2013

In 2009 a group of disastrous floods affected several counties in northern Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. In Georgia alone, officials estimated the damage cost at $500 million. The flooding in Georgia damaged 20,000 homes and businesses in 17 counties resulting in 10 deaths. Metro Atlanta swift water rescue teams saved hundreds of people from their homes, businesses, and cars. Local Fire Departments responded to hundreds of high-water incidents and were extended to the limits of their capabilities, equipment, and training. Every community in Georgia has potential for this type of disaster due to the proximity of warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.
Wildfire Response Guide

Wildfire Response Guide - 2013

As a consequence of the 2007 wildfires, local fire departments personnel, equipment, and resources where exhausted early in the fight. Events of this magnitude may require the assistance of the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC). Along with the local fire departments and GFC, more than 3,300 firefighters were brought in from 44 states and the efforts cost over $40 million. The fires where eventually contained due to the tireless efforts of the agencies involved and the arrival more favorable weather conditions.

Georgia Fire Service Annual Report - 2013

The information in this report is being provided to help state leaders and the fire service better understand the fire problem and its long range impact on our state and its people. The injuries, loss of life and property damage resulting from all fires remains a source of great concern to us all.

I call upon all our citizens to join me in promoting fire safety and fire prevention throughout the year. With your help, we can reduce fire loss in our state and make it a safer place for everyone.
Georgia Fire Service Strategic Plan

Fire Services Strategic Plan - 2012

Considerable changes have occurred in the Fire Service requiring updated strategy to meet timely challenges at the local, state and national levels. Financing the Fire Service has become increasingly competitive with other government delivered services. We have been successful in resolving many of the challenges presented in the previous strategic plan; hence it is time to move forward.

The Georgia Fire Service members exhibit a sincere, hard-working motivation to be the best. I challenge you to participate in reaching the goals and objectives set forth in this Georgia Fire Service Strategic Plan for 2011.

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