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Manufactured Housing Permit Requirements

This memorandum is to inform you of changes to O.C.G.A Sections 8-2-130 and 8-2-160 (“The Uniform Standards Code for Manufactured Homes Act and Installation of Manufactured and Mobile Homes”). Revisions to the Georgia law were necessary to bring Georgia into compliance with the National Manufactured Home Improvement Act of 2000 with respect to manufactured home installation, installation inspections and dispute resolution procedures.

During the 2004 General Assembly, legislation was passed with changes to the Uniform Standards Code for Manufactured Homes Act. Among other provisions, the new law increases the annual license fee for manufacturers, retailers and installers. The new annual license fee for retailers and retail brokers is $ 300.00 for each retail location. The new annual license fee for installers is $ 300.00 per year. Additionally, the new law requires installers to purchase a permit from the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office for each new or pre-owned manufactured home installed in Georgia. The cost of such permit shall be $ 60.00 for each manufactured or mobile home installed. These new requirements became effective October 1, 2004.

Since January 1, 2005 the Manufactured Housing Section is responsible for performing random inspections on installations performed by each installer. Violations found during random inspections will require correction. The changes to the law also give the Department additional enforcement provisions regarding violations.

Below is a picture of an installation permit. Instructions for the placement of the installation permit will accompany your first permit order.

Forms: Should you have questions or concerns, please contact the Manufactured Housing Section at 404-656-9498
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