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Consumer Complaint Portal


Welcome to the Georgia Department of Insurance’s Consumer Portal.  The Consumer Portal is a way for consumers to submit insurance complaints to the Georgia Department of Insurance in an electronic and secure format. 

You will first need to create an account.  Once the account is created using an E-mail address and password, you will use that information to login to the Consumer Portal.

After logging in to the Consumer Portal, you can submit your insurance complaints. There are several pages in the process to submit a complaint to give us all of the information that we need to work the case.  When your complaint is successfully submitted, the complaint is assigned a “Complaint ID,” and you will receive a message that the complaint has been successfully submitted.  You will then be taken to the page to upload documents to the Consumer Portal to support your complaint.  The accepted file types that you can upload are: doc, docx, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, xls, and xlsx.

You will receive an E-mail to advise you anytime there is activity on your complaint by our Complaint Examiners.  You must login to the Consumer Portal using your E-mail Address and Password to access any information on your complaint. This includes updates on your complaint, as well as the Department's response to your complaint.

Please go to the Consumer Complaint Portal to begin the process of electronically submitting a complaint.

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