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1) Important Continuing Education Requirement Change
2) Resident Renewal and Reinstatement Process
3) New Back Office Vendor
4) Electronic Fingerprinting Requirements
5) Annuity Suitability CE requirement  
6) Notarized Citizenship Affidavit and Identification required with new application 

 1) Effective May 6, 2014 - Important Continuing Education Requirement Change

As part of the National Uniformity movement, the following CE requirements will change:

1. For persons licensed less than 20 years  - the hours have been reduced from 30 hours biennially to 24 hours biennially. 

2. The Ethics requirement reduces from 6 hours biennially to 3 hours biennially.

3. The uniform change also restricts licensees from repeating the same CE course in the same renewal filing period.

2) Resident Renewal and Reinstatement Process

Resident licensees are required to renew their license prior to their license expiration. A licensee that misses their renewal deadline may file a late renewal, which includes a $15 late fee in addition to the renewal fee, within 15 days of the license expiration date.

Licensees that fail to successfully renew their license are allowed to reinstate within 12 months of their expiration date. To be considered for reinstatement the following must be submitted:

  • Form GID103
  • Completion of all required CE. The total number of CE hours required can vary based on length of service as a licensee, carry-over hours and professional designations. You may check your CE transcript at
  • Appropriate payment. Payment requires renewal fee(based on license type), late fee($15), application fee($15) and penalty ($150).
  • If a licensee fails to complete the reinstatement process within 6 months of their expiration date, electronic fingerprinting is required.

If the reinstatement process is not completed within 12 months of the expiration date of the license, all prelicensing requirements must be met if the applicant wishes to be licensed again.

 3)     New Back Office Vendor

Effective August 1, 2014, PSI Services LLC will be the new back office vendor for Agents Licensing.  PSI will handle all Agents Licensing transactions including Initial license applications, Temporary License Applications, Continuing and Prelicensing Course, Provider and Instructor Approval, License renewals, Appointment and Terminations, Agency License Applications, Affiliations and renewals. All Forms have been updated with their address and contact information.

PSI Services LLC Contact Information:

Telephone: 855-235-5174     Email:

 4) Electronic Fingerprinting Requirements

Effective January 1, 2010, all new resident applicants, excluding active licensees and individuals that apply for reinstatement within 6 months of expiration date, shall be required to submit electronic fingerprints through a vendor selected by the Department for a criminal background check. The applicant shall bear the cost for electronic fingerprinting.  Click for more information.

 5) Annuity Suitability CE requirement begins March 1, 2016

New CE requirement for agents selling annuities:

1. An agent may not sell, solicit or negotiate an annuity product unless the individual has completed a one time four hour Annuity Suitability course. Deadlines for completing the requirement are:
a) Agents licensed prior to March 1, 2016 have 6 months to complete the course - so course completion on or before September 2016; 
b) Agents that become licensed after March 1, 2016 may not sell annuities until the Annuity Suitability course has been completed.

2. Agents that have completed a four hour Annuity Suitability course in another state shall be deemed to satisfy this state's requirement as long as the course material of that course is similar to this state's requirements.

 6) Notarized Citizenship Affidavit and Identification required with new application

Visit THIS PAGE to see how to submit your Citizenship Affidavit and Verifiable Identification Documents to the Department of Insurance in order to complete your new application. Your license cannot be processed if this information is not submitted correctly.

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