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Administrative Procedures Division
2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive
West Tower, Suite 1016
Atlanta, GA 30334

Phone: (404) 232-7013
Toll Free: 800-656-2298
Fax: (678) 717-6537
Between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM

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Administrative Procedures


The Administrative Procedure Division of the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner assists Commissioner with the adoption and promulgation of Regulations for the Department. Through the website you can monitor the progress of a proposed regulation all the way through to adoption. The issuance of Directives and Bulletins is also coordinated through this Division. 

In addition to Regulations, Directives and Bulletins, the Administrative Procedure Division assists with the scheduling and administration of contested cases for the Commissioner. 

Also, in the discretion of the Commissioner, in some cases this Division processes the referral of contested cases to the Office of State Administrative Hearings. The Regulation and Contested Case Hearing Dates are displayed on the Hearing Schedule which can also be found on our website. 


The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire, Administrative Procedure Division, changed the address for mailing in filings with payments. The new payment mailing address is:
  • Georgia Department of Insurance
  • P.O. Box 935138
  • Atlanta, GA 31193-5138
Please Note: Administrative Procedures customers who wish to send payments via overnight courier should use this address:
  • Wells Fargo 
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Lockbox # 935138
  • 3585 Atlanta Ave
  • Hapeville, GA 30354

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