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Current Georgia Navigators
Tamra Allen
Runako Aranha Minnis
Marlen Adames
Abigail Akin
Janice Allen
Albert Amran
Heather Anderson
Michael Arenson
Diana Avila Jimenez
Stephen Bailey
Trumaine Battle
Raysa Bendibu
Stephanie Brown
Amy Buffington
William Bannamon
Myrna Barker
Cindy Baugh
Michael Bryant
Brittany Burgess
Terry Butler
Johnnie Coker
Lois Craig
Constance Carter
Mariah Carter
Sheila Carter
Gloria Chamlee
Carmen Chavez
Alfredo Conde
Hiedi Conklin
Ebrun Crowder
Anjanette Culbreth
Brittany Dee
Alecia Distin
Alfred Dujovne
Sheila Dove
Angela Edwards
Lisa Figgins
Shana Fennell
Remeka Ferguson
Yaritza Figueroa
Hilton Fordham
Aaron Frazier
Noemi Gaytan Navarro
Katherine George
Whitney Griggs
Alexandria Griner
Ruth Gillikin
Deidre Glasper
Sue Gonzalez
Michael Green
Christina Gusby
Melissa Hawes
Tonya Hawkins
Kevin Humphries
Cassandra Hunter
Tonia Hamilton
Se He Han
Tammy Harrington
Dedee Harris
Chavon Hayden
Clarence Hill
Jasmine Holmes
Laura Izaguirre
Karen Jefferson
Jennifer Johnson
Anitra Jones
Alicia Josshua
Vera Jackson
Tarri Johnson
Betty Jones
Sencarda Jordan
Vicki Karnes
Latonya Kees
Jessica Kilby
Natasha Lambert
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Alejandro Lopez
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Cecile Mcknight
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Ketty Mahailet
John Mccrae
Wintony Mccullough
Diana Montenegro
Yolanda Nabors
Sheriffa Nivose
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Marcus Owens
Josett Oden
Ijeoma Okafor
Ebele Christy Onyeabor
Alicia Palmer
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Milagros Perez Washington
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Diane Pass
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Khalid Webb
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Krystal Wynn
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Patricia Yates-Rand
Jamila Young


The federal Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act created several new types of health insurance advisors called “Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, and In-Person Assisters”. These individuals are tasked with the responsibility of facilitating insurance enrollment using the federally-created insurance exchange which will operate in Georgia beginning on October 1, 2013.

However, under Georgia law (see H.B. 198) passed by the Georgia Legislature in 2013, Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, and In-Person assisters will need to obtain a license from this office before they begin operating. The functions of Navigators, Certified Application Counselors, and In-Person Assisters vary slightly under federal law. However there are not three separate Georgia licenses. Instead, each of those entities must simply obtain a license as a “Navigator”.

Please follow the “Quick Links” at the bottom left hand corner of this page to get more information about how to obtain a Navigator license from this office. However, you should be aware that you will also need to obtain federal certification through the federally-created insurance exchange.

Click here for information about how to obtain the federal training to become a Navigator and for information about how to register with the federal exchange.

Click here to view Bulletin 13-EX-3 regarding obtaining State Licensure before Beginning Operations.

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